Stacey Coleman Photography | A Mother's Family Photo Fairy-Tale

A Mother's Family Photo Fairy-Tale

June 29, 2017  •  25 Comments

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We all know how crazy life is.  Between sports, packing lunches, trying to be super mom, and staying sane—life can sometimes be overwhelming.  Trust me, I have 4 children and my minivan could double as a fallout shelter with all the items we collect throughout the week.  We try to get a pedicure for “mommy time” and the occasional “salon visit” but we sit there wondering what our house is going to look like when we return or what we should be doing instead of sitting in the salon. 

It is nice to do these little sporadic things for us—but we never really get the opportunity to really feel gorgeous.  Even when we go to weddings by the time the sitter arrives, we rush to get dressed, put make up on, throw on those super comfortable shoes, conduct a special-ops mission out the door so the kids don’t see us—it’s still someone else’s “big” day.   

Remember your big day, and how simply gorgeous and beautiful you felt. You had your hair, makeup, toes, fingernails, and everything else perfected.  I don’t know about you but I was stunning on my wedding day.  I have pictures all over my house to verify that I was a perfect 10 on my wedding day.  Now we look in the mirror and I am feeling kind of like a mom with some pretty serious roots and gorgeous children.  Would we trade it, nope—not a single second. 

But where can we get pictures, other than a selfie, where we can look stunning (without a Snapchat filter with a floral wreath around our heads, don’t get me wrong, I love that filter) and feel like a 10 again? 

We did this session for Michelle and her family for this exact reason.  Michelle wanted pictures for her house and a window of time to feel beautiful.  She arrived at the session, her hair and makeup was completed. 

She slipped into a stunning designer dress she borrowed from Rent the Runway.  The sun was shining, the field was in bloom and she rocked her session.  Her family joined in, perfectly styled (check out my links and “what to wear”).

“I needed this,” said Michelle. “I arrived at the session and I was transformed into a fairy tale princess for my session, I didn’t realize how much I really needed this until I saw the photos-- I immediately teared up. 

“I know I am doing everything I can for my kids and sometimes it means a little sacrificing on my end.  This was for me and now I have updated photos of me and my husband that aren’t 10 years old, I look beautiful in them, and now my children are also a part of the photos.  These are not just your average family photos, these are truly amazing!”    

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